Paradox of biodiversity consists of all types of plants and animals in which I tell you about difference interesting facts about living forms that exist in the world. Also that knowledge is useful for you .




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Friday, March 22, 2019

Human disease , a malaria


Some of  the human diseases are caused by protozoans such as malaria a disease man such has been fighting since  many years . Plasmodium,a tiny Protozoan is responsible for this disease different species of plasmodium (p,vivax p.malaria and p.falciparum are responsible for different types of malaria .

Malaria caused by  plasmodium falciparum is most serious one .

Let’s study about stages in the life cycle of plasmodium .
When the mosquito bites another human , sporozoites are injected ( added) in the human body with bite . Sporozoites ( parasite) reach the liver through blood which cause some sickness in the liver cells, bursting the Cell and releasing into the blood. Parasite reproduce in the red blood cells, bursting the blood cells and causing cycles of fever and other symptoms. Released parasites infect new red blood cells. Gametocytes develop in the red blood cells. Female mosquito takes up gametocytes with blood meal . Fertilisation takes place in the mosquitos gut . Mature infective stages escape from gut and the mosquito salivary glands.
Do you know??
Only female mosquito anopheles mosquito spread malaria.

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