Paradox of biodiversity consists of all types of plants and animals in which I tell you about difference interesting facts about living forms that exist in the world. Also that knowledge is useful for you .




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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Human heart

Human circulator system :-

Human circulator system consists of blood vascular system and of lymphatic system .


Position ,shape and size:- heart in man other vertebrates. It is hollow ,muscular , conical organ of reddish brown colour suitated in middele of two lungs .the heart roughly size of one’s clenched 
Fish it’s about 12cm ,9cm broad and 6cm thick it is slightly heavier  in slightly heavier in adults males then females. This adult size and weight of the heart attained at age of 17-20 years .

Working of heart (cardiac cycle ):-

Heart receives blood from different body parts in its atria and pumps it is various parts from its ventricle .heart muscles continuousely generate impules in a manner that causes rhythmic contraction and relaxation of heart chambers in a specific sequence. During systole heart volume reduces so that the blood is forcefully pumped out into aortic arches for distribution throughout the body . While in diastole, heart relaxed hence its volume increases to become normal, so that the vessels returning from various body parts pour their blood into it. These series of events occur in heart in cyclic manner.
* In man when the heart is beating normally the cardiac cycle occurs 72-75 times per minute thus, each cardiac lasts about 0.8 seconds.
Cardiac cycles consists of three phases: 
1. ATRIAL SYSTOLE ( o.1 seconds)
2. VENTICULAR SYSTOLE ( 0.3 seconds)

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