Paradox of biodiversity consists of all types of plants and animals in which I tell you about difference interesting facts about living forms that exist in the world. Also that knowledge is useful for you .




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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lets know about human teeth.

                              Human teeth 

Hello friends ...
Today I would like to tell to all about human let's start..
The alimentary canal begains with an anterior opening that is mouth . The mouth leads to the buccal cavity ( oral cavity). The oral cavity has a number of teeth and a muscular tongue. Each tooth is embedded in a socket of jaw bone .the attachment of teeth to jaw called thecodont.
Majority of mammals including Humans has two sets of teeth during their life span,
Temporary teeth
Permanent teeth or adult teeth


Do you know about types of teeth ?
An adult human has 32 permanent teeth which are of four types
1. Incisors(I)
2. Canine (C)
3. Premolars( PM)
4. Molars (M)
Arrangement of teeth in each half of the upper and lower jaw in the order I, C, PM, M which is represented by dental formula is 2123/2123.

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