Paradox of biodiversity consists of all types of plants and animals in which I tell you about difference interesting facts about living forms that exist in the world. Also that knowledge is useful for you .




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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Skeleton system

                        Skeleton system 

Hello guys ....
Skeleton system consists of bones and a few cartilages . It help in movement shown by the body.
Just imagine chewing food without jaw bones and walking around without the limbs bones its bones are very important .

In human beings , this system is made up of 206 bones and a few cartilages.
It's has two divisions:
The axial 
The appendicular skeleton 

# the appendicular skeleton :
Each limb is made up of 30 bones, the bones of hand are humerus, radius and ulna, carpals .
( Wrist bones are 8 in number) , metacarpal ( palm bones are 5 in number) and another is femur ( tigh bone - largest bone ) , tibia and fibula , tarsals ( ankle bones are 7 in number) , metatarsals 5 in number are bones of legs ( hind limb) .

The axial 
The axial consists of 80 bones which distributed along the main axis of the body body . Skull composed of two sets of bones cranial and facial .the total of 22 bones , cranial bones are 8 in number they form hard protective outer covering for brain and facial are 14 in number . Our vertebral column is formed by 26 serial arranged units .also there are 12 pairs of ribs each rib is a thin flat bone connected to vertebral column.

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